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Give your rubbish a chance. We make old things look new again.

Environmentally conscious and sales conscious: Decide on Upcycling with FIEGE and you act sustainably. This also serves as your "green" image that more and more customers pay attention to. Combine resource protection with efficiency – it's worth it. Our services relieves your burden and the one on the environment.

Your benefits


Generate additional turnover

Companies can generate up to 10 per cent in additional sales when they are perceived by customers as being sustainable. Sustainability is an equally important factor as the quality or the attractiveness of the product.


Better reputation

Sustainable operations increases your reputation. Many customers are willing to pay more for environmentally responsible and products manufactured under fair conditions. Refurbishing, recycling and upcycling are becoming increasingly important.


Customer satisfaction – advertise with your green products!

Upcycling not only conserves resources, it also reduces energy consumption in addition to air and water pollution.


Combine efficiency with environmental and resource protection

Prevention is the goal and comes first before reuse, utilisation, recycling and upcycling.


Meeting take-back obligations

We offer an extensive and modular service package – individual and tailored to your needs.

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Protecting natural resources

Upcycling involves converting waste products or seemingly useless materials into like-new products.

Due to dwindling natural resources and social change, refurbishing, recycling and upcycling are becoming increasingly important.

We view upcycling as a systematic environmentally conscious alternative to the existing throw-away mentality.

During the recycling process, we gain raw materials from waste which are used in the refinement process or material utilisation.

Upcycling conserves resources, reduces energy consumption, and air and water pollution.


Sustainability is the new premium

Consumers are paying increasing attention that the environment is not excessively impacted during production. They are increasingly resorting to recycled and upcycled products. And they are prepared to pay for this added value for society.

Sustainable action

That is why companies should consider how their products can be taken back and how materials can then be re-introduced into industrial production processes or natural cycles.

We handle products and use valuable raw materials which otherwise land unused in incinerators or landfills.

Recycling already existing material means that less raw materials have to be newly produced. This in turn conserves resources.

When there is no other option:


Achieve added value from the proceeds of sale of high-quality secondary raw materials. We examine alternatives for recycling secondary raw materials back into the production cycle.

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