Returned goods

How you can reap the most rewards: Profit

We offer simple and reliable solutions for returned goods

Returns are common. We offer specific and customised solutions for processing your returns. Fast, straightforward and reliable – take advantage of our returns management now! We make it possible for you to get an unexpected plus in the end.

Your benefits

From planning to refurbishing right through to repackaging and delivery of returns


Lower costs

Sophisticated and perfectly balanced infrastructure of a logistics company. Either tried and trusted standard solutions or optimised individual concepts.


Satisfied customers

Simple processing of complaints and returns through fast and direct service. We also offer a service centre option


Reduce your returns rates.

Focus on what is most important. We offer simple solutions for processing complaints and returns and improve the transparency of the reasons for returns.


Remarketing with yield

We purchase and sell your returns. We sell anonymously and use a wide range of distribution channels to ensure there are no collisions with your regular sales channels.


Simple and direct

Fast and straightforward service from a single source.


Individual and flexible

Individual and specific solutions – we develop your customised solution.


Profit margins through complete solutions

Factor for success in returns management: We offer secure and simple solutions for returned goods. We close the value chain loop and can offer you a comprehensive, modular service package.


Specific solutions for your requirements.

We can bundle an individual comprehensive all-round package for you. Or you can use the individual components from our service package.

We take care of everything. Get in touch with us.



Returns management

We close the value chain loop and can offer you a comprehensive and modular service package.

  • Take-back and collection of products
  • Identification
  • Quality assurance
  • Inspection/refurbishing
  • Return to supplier/manufacturer
  • Marketing of remaining stock
  • Recycling of material
  • Disposal

We help you succeed in turning risk into a profit through coordinated returns.

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Secure return solutions

Think before you print!

An intelligent printing solution which uses ink based on soybean oil and offers clean air without toner dust particles?

Impossible, you say? Possible, we say!

That’s because RISO Kagaku Corporation has focused on environmentally friendly and energy-saving technologies since their inception. AS a result, RISO service naturally offers its customers a secure returns solution for end-of-life products.

Contact FIEGE relog and avoid waste. We collect your old products and recycle them. The raw materials gains from this process can thus be reused. Environmental protection made easy.

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Purchase of returns

You want to give us the rest? We will be glad to take it from you.

  • Processional and reputable purchase of
  • Standard and seasonal ranges
  • Remaining and special stock
  • Special promotional items
  • Surplus stock
  • Discontinued items
  • Liquidation and damaged goods
  • Returned goods

And that in Germany, the European Union and, depending on the goods and availability in third countries – and in various quality.

Sale of returned goods and processing of remaining stock

We use conventional and alternative sales channels for you.


Anonymous sale with everything that goes with it

  • Inspection of goods
  • Precarriage, transport
  • Unmixed consignment
  • Preparation for delivery, supply, main carriage
  • Requirements check including tradability
  • Check for potential legal restrictions
  • Marketing and country exclusions
  • ... and many more

We take care of everything. Fast and straightforward. That’s a promise!

Customer service and marketing

Generate additional added value from returns.

Integrate returns management in your customer service and marketing. Promote a buy-back scheme “Old for new” or offer your customers secure and simple return solutions.

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We take care of everything. Individual and simple.

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